Jersey State Waterproofing is the only company that has stood behind their 100% Guarantee since their inception, over a quarter-of-a-century ago. Jersey State Waterproofing is a locally-owned business, committed to both its community and its neighbors.

The guarantee Jersey State Waterproofing offers is not only for the client but also for the structure. Our waterproofing guarantee covers your home or business for current and future owners, which is a great selling point to prospective buyers. Such a guarantee may even create a pricing advantage for the seller.

Jersey State Waterproofing provides this assurance to our clients, not because we fear our work will be unable to withstand the test of time rather because we care about our customers, who are also our neighbors. Jersey State Waterproofing has built a reputation in the waterproofing and termite control industry that we wish to protect. It is this reputation that provides the foundation for our success, growth, and endurance.