Hurricane Sandy Flood Damage Experts

Free Inspection LinkJersey State Water Proofing provides total restoration for all emergency water removal caused by Hurricane Sandy in South Jersey. Specifically Ocean County, Atlantic County and Cape May County. Our team of qualified and professional experts will arrive in within 24 hours to assess any storm and flooding damage you may have incurred from Hurricane Sandy. Jersey State Water Proofing will take the stress out of your repair, we have over 25 years experience with water damaged properties and will handle the complete restoration from A to Z!

We will remove and restore everything that was damaged by water or fire:
• Remove standing water
• Remove Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Furniture and carpets.
• Cleaning and removal of mold, bacteria and organisms.
• Restoring affected areas such as hard wood floor, ceiling and walls.
• Odor and Mildew Control and Removal
• Rebuilding all damaged areas that were caused by water of fire.
• Drywall removal, installing and Painting
• All Carpentry and Wood Finishing Restoration
• Finishing all the restoration by applying paint to the needed areas.

We know first hand how Hurricane Sandy has devastated many of our beloved Jersey Shore commnities and we have been working 24/7 over that last several weeks to help our clients get their lives back to normal. Wether you suffered obvious damage and need immediate help or suffered minor water damage and are worried about mold issues. Please contact Jersey State Water Proofing today!

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